A Vision for Teens and Children:

It seems to be more difficult every year, recruiting adults who are willing to be part of a team to love teenagers and children to within an inch of their lives. Many seem to be satisfied with hiring an intern to provide a program. Yet nothing replaces those significant “others” who call and care and cheerlead at sporting events, dramas and performances. Those adults who are that other voice that young people listen to, when mom and dad have lost their touch.  With that, we have a vision for impacting the next generation… And the following quote says it all:

Every Kid

Not just rich kids…every kid.

Not just white kids, not just black kids…every kid.

Not just my kids, not just your kids…but every kid.

Not a lot of kids, not even most kids…every kid.

Not more kids than other churches…every kid.

Not giving just a few kids the opportunity to receive Jesus… but every kid.

Not just the “in crowd,” not just the beautiful, the charming, but every kid.

Not just those with high potential, but every kid.

Not just the loved and loveable, but every kid.

Not just American kids, but every kid. Every Kid!


A dream worthy of my time.

A dream worthy of my energy.

A dream worthy of my money.

A dream worthy of my life.

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