Insanely Simple?

There is no indication that Steve Jobs knew Jesus. His passion was to take complex computers and make them accessible, so simply, that anyone and everyone could benefit. The book “Insanely Simple” has been a fascinating read to me, to see that he was not a people pleaser, but was a man on a mission. He didn’t just do surveys to see what people wanted, he was way out in front, seeking to identify the things that people didn’t even know that they needed or wanted yet. Making things simple for the benefit of the masses is no easy task and requires incredible skill. It is always easy to complicate things, and the corporate structures and institutions of our day (including the church) have this down to a science. Movements easily get bogged down with bureaucracy and personal agendas.

At the core of Steve’s approach was a belief in getting a small group of smart people together to problem solve and dream dreams that had never been dreamed before. He had a proverbial “simple stick” that he beat most everything with, because he knew that complexity was the enemy of the computer ultimately benefitting the masses.

He felt that nothing he had to offer was worth pursuing, unless it was ten times better than anything else in the computer industry. He continued to innovate and dream and put things together that no one had done before. Steve kept his vision and dreams simple and personal! Apple was positioned as the “personal computer,” long before PCs claimed that name. Computers are incredibly complex and Steve was committed to making it as simple as possible, so that everyone could have access to the power of the computer.

Steve Jobs worked hard… and when he found out he had cancer, it motivated him even more, to make the most of his opportunity on this planet. Imagine what kind of Christian Steve could have been. Maybe another Paul? How we need more Christians with a passion to provide easy on ramps for everyone to have easy access to the incredible life-changing Christian resources available today.

…take incredibly complex things, like Biblical Theology, and make it easily accessible to the common man.
Lord, help me to have a passion to take incredibly complex things, like Biblical Theology, and make it easily accessible to the common man

So we have to ask, “how can we leverage today’s tools and resources to help everyone have access to the greatest message in the universe… the gospel that still changes lives?
We need to consider how we can leverage tools like the RightNow Training video series… Every night of the week, we could provide various great topics for people to enjoy.

How can we create easy onramps for people who want to discover a relationship with God? Are we ready to lead them in developing a mature faith? Are we prepared to deploy them into effective ministry that will make a difference for eternity?

Our mission is far greater than Steve Jobs ever dreamed for Apple Computer. The question becomes, are we as committed to the eternal Good News, as Steve was committed to a piece of Silicon?

Posted by sblubeck