Just Do It

Ryan Leak
Filmmaker, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker
April 30, 2014

How can I empower and enable and equip my guys to shoot the moon. What do they need? What will launch them?

What do you want to do?
If there is one thing you could do, with no fear, knowing that you could not fail.
Ryan wanted to play with Koby Bryant, not just meet him.
In chasing failure, you start thinking differently. Ryan decided that he wanted to try out for the Dallas Mavericks… so he has been working out and preparing and thinking like an NBA player. He is very confident that he will fail… so he contacted Nike, to see if they wanted to document it.
“Just do it” goes way beyond sports.
We all have a million excuses.
Nike responded that they wanted to do it, within a half hour.
So Ryan is trying to operate without fear… so he is swimming, and working out and preparing for his tryout.
We all think we need lots of stuff and support and facilities…

Ryan got engaged and married all on the same day. Then he was invited to be on TV with Queen Fativah and she asked his wife, do you think you could surprise Ryan the same way that he surprised you when he proposed to marry you and married you on the same day… his wife said, “yes,” then on the screen was Koby Bryant, who is Ryan’s hero, he is a Laker’s fan.

I’m looking for Noahs before it rained. I want to be the person who picks up a hammer and encourages the Noahs to dream and build. I don’t want to be the doubter.

I will not be labeled as average.
Rachel – the gal at Columbine, took a bullet for Christ… the story was that the bullet went through her heart, and through her book bag and through her journal and through a sentence in her journal and through the last word… “I will not be average.”

Ryan loves to be in the gym… he is a pastor… but it is in the gym that he finds his opportunities to witness and demonstrate his love for people. When someone turns him down when he invites them to church, he asks them to work out the next day… so that there is not a rejection… it is the character question that people are asking… will you only care about me if I come to your thing?

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