Why Connect to a Small Group?

web-LifeGroupsBannerMoving people from rows in a church, to circles in a living room is just the beginning of the process of building the kind of community that is on the heart of Jesus. We are seeking the kinds of groups that Jesus would lead, if He was here in the flesh. Life giving groups experience the presence and power and enabling that comes from Jesus as He meets with His people. When Jesus is the focus, we learn what it means to pray effectively and love one another deeply as we become more like Jesus. This kind of community is what our world so desperately needs. This kind of community expands through the contagious lives of those who are willing to invite their friends, family, co-workers and fellow students to “come and see,” what life is like in the ever-present kingdom of God. The gospel that Jesus preached was that the Kingdom of God is here now, and we can experience it now, as He reigns in glory… NOW.

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