10 Spiritual Parenting Values

1 Corinthians 4:15  “Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many FATHERS, for in Christ Jesus I became your FATHER through the gospel.”

“Spiritual Fathers” are in greater demand today than ever.  Baby Christians desperately need someone to parent them in the things of God.  It takes the selfless attitude of a parent to provide quality care that each babe in Christ deserves.  An effective Coach is one who is committed to the success of another.

A great spiritual “Father/Coach” will practice the following in order to create a healthy spiritual environment for an up and coming leader:

1. Love Me

Rules without relationship breeds rebellion.  Love me enough to spend time with me, and then challenge me to excel in the things of God.  Love me enough to speak the truth in my life.  Don’t be an “ear tickler” or “man pleaser”, care enough about me to speak the truth in love.

2. Lead Me

Set the pace for me, and challenge me to follow as you follow Christ.  Honor the Lord with your life and inspire me to follow in your footsteps.  Never ask me to do something that you are un-willing to do yourself.

Set the pace with integrity and authenticity.  I don’t expect perfection, but humble authenticity.

3. Coach Me

Inspire me to reach for the stars.  Motivate me to dreams noble dreams for the glory of God.  Teach me to discipline myself to walk with God.  If you could relive your ministry what would you of done differently?

Help me acquire the tools that will prepare me to be successful in life.

Be my resource as I try my wings, and take ownership for ministry.  I value your experience and advice, so I can learn from your success and failures.

4. Partner With Me

We are both in the battle for the hearts and lives of people.  Cultivate a feeling of esprit de corp, as we battle for the lives of people.

5. Pass the Mantle on to Me

Assign me tasks worthy of my best efforts.  Give me the freedom to fail, sink or swim.  Allow me room to operate under your watchful supervision.  Allow me to do it my way, while learning from my mistakes.  Be my best cheerleader.

6. Secure Me

Remind me that God is in control.  With God nothing is impossible.  He is my rock, my source of sufficiency, and the strength of my life.

Psalm 71:3 Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. (NIV)

7. Dream For Me

See me for what I can become in the hands of God.  Help me to see beyond where I am today.  I desperately need someone to believe in me and to inspire me with dreams of a preferable future.  Help me to see beyond my petty preoccupations to God’s ultimate purpose for my life from eternity past.

8. Empower Me

Help draw out those God-given gifts and abilities which He has already put inside me to build His kingdom.  Don’t let me under-estimate what God can do through me as I submit myself to His Lordship.

9. Equip Me

Let me follow you like Elisha did with Elijah.  Look for opportunities where I can be stretched and learn under your guidance.  Provide me with your best tools and wisdom, so that I can build on a foundation that you have already laid.  I want a double portion of the blessing that God has given you.

10. Pray for Me

Take my name to the throne of God.  Apart from God I can do nothing.

Thank you for believing in me, and expecting me to make a noble contribution as God empowers me that will make all the difference in eternity.  Every world-class athlete knows the value of a highly skilled coach in reaching full potential as a competitor.  I know that I am a better Christian, and a brighter light for this dark world because someone sacrificially invested in me.  I plan to pass the blessing on to someone else as reflected in 2 Timothy 2:2.

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