An Opportunity for Essentialist Living

Our house sold in four days and we are now sorting through all of our possessions, to declutter,  purge and minimize in preparation for our soon coming relocation. I’m currently and furiously scanning all my hard copy files, taking multiple trips to Goodwill and the dump and making many snap judgments on stuff, but boy is it easy to stop and reminisce. Now that Robin and I are empty nesters, our five children have successfully flown the coop, with roofs over their heads, and jobs to sustain themselves, it is now our big opportunity to eliminate all those items that were required for a family of seven. We are very generous right now, so you hoarder types are welcome to come by and take some of this stuff home with you.

Here are some helpful and inspiring resources for those of you who desire to simplify.

I love the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less –, By Greg McKeown

I think everyone would benefit from this book as we all drown with opportunities in our day.

And I also came across a website for simplified living with some great articles to keep me focused:

So after taking a breath and celebrating the sale of our house, after all the hard work of prepping it to go on the market, and hiding everything in the garage, now we attack the garage with a passion… Pray for us as we pursue a less cluttered life!

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  • Doug Peebles

    Glad to hear your home sold so quickly. That is a burden relieved! Amen, Stan.

    • Yeah, this was another “God thing” in our lives. We continue to see God’s hand on every step and we praise Him for each one.