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2015-08-15_14-11-23I’ve been on the job for forty-five days, serving with a wonderfully talented staff, who are making an incredible impact on the community through many and varied acts of kindness. We recently donated more than 2,000 backpacks to needy families, and before that we hosted a dinner and dance for 140 Special Olympic athletes from the Philippines, Malawi, Faroe Islands and El Salvador who were participating in the International Special Olympics in L.A. involving 7,000 athletes from around the world. We had over 60 volunteers helping decorate, serve food and welcome the athletes.  Oh happy day!

A week ago eighteen students in our youth ministry were baptized at the beach, and one man walked up and wanted to be baptized on the spot after seeing what God was doing in these student’s lives.

I have been feeling like a kid in the candy store as I meet so many wonderful people who are serving and giving and making Real Life the great church that it is.

Much of my time so far has been spent with staff and key leaders/volunteers, learning about the breadth and scope of this amazing ministry. With over fifty people on full time staff, there are many people to get to know and many ministries to investigate.

As I have been assessing the ministry, seeking to accurately define reality of how I can make my best contribution to an already great ministry, I’m reminded about the priority of assessing my own life, making sure that I’m the kind of person who can help keep this wonderful movement moving…

Here are some helpful suggestions:

Read “Soul Keeping.” by John Ortburg, about “caring for the most important part of you.”

2015-08-15_14-12-03I have appreciated Carey Nieuwhof’s blog, “21 Things You’ll Never Regret As a Leader,” as a reminder to keep my live in balance, so I can make my best contribution to this team.

I recently read David Allen’s revised, “Getting Things Done,” book about how to become more effective and efficient in handling details so that I can be more focused on the important people and things in my life. I always have room for improvement here.  The book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg Mckeown has had a big impact on me as I seek to focus my energies on the right things in this new ministry.

Finally, there is a powerful book that I wish everyone would pick up that has been a welcome companion for me this year entitled, “Living in Christ’s Presence,” by Dallas Willard and John Ortberg. I’ve especially enjoyed my “Audible” version as I listen to the authors express the content with their own personalities.  Great content for when facing difficult challenges in life and ministry.

What are you reading and finding helpful on your journey?  Talk to me, leave a comment…

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  • Ali

    I just got done reading quitter By Jon Acuff…has helped keep me focused on what God has for me even when I thought it would be a different path, how to serve at my day job effectively and work to accomplish my dream job in the future, how to work hard at what matters most n the sacrifices it will take to get there, and how to make efforts at the art of discipline. This book changed my life in more ways than one…and I challenge myself daily to reflect on the principles I learned so I can be faithful in my season. AO My current book is about busyness…how to balance n prioritize. ;):)

    • Love it! Can’t wait to have you and Chad over for a meal so we can continue this conversation in person…! 🙂