Training NOT Trying

140509 Stan and Knock PunchIt is easy to say, “I will try to be in the Olympics,” but you will only be successful if you train to be in the Olympics. Not long ago I was in Sao Paulo Brazil on a mission trip and I got schooled in boxing. It is harder than you think. I decided not to stay in Brazil and train to be an Olympic boxer… But I could have been a contender… 🙂  Not everyone is motivated to be an Olympic boxer, and not everyone can be successful at boxing even if they do train. However, everyone has the potential to be great in the eyes of God, seeking and knowing Him personally through the practice of spiritual disciplines.

The root of the word disciple is discipline. There are disciplines of the faith, that, when practiced, will lead to a God honoring life. These are often referred to as “acts of righteousness.”

1 Timothy 4:7  …train yourself to be godly.

There are three areas that are essential for being a disciple of Jesus, the head, the heart and the hands.


We must discipline ourselves to know the truth that will set us free.


Our motives and character, who we are at the deepest level, is becoming more like Jesus.


We need to learn to serve others, as Jesus instructed, “the greatest among you shall be the servant of all.”

It is as simple as “know, be, do.”

Just as athletes have to train, discipline themselves for greatness, so must the Christ-follow practice the spiritual disciplines that Jesus modeled for us, a pathway to become more like Jesus.

The Contenders from The Mercadantes on Vimeo.

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