Life Long Learning

dave+kraftI served on a church staff with Dr. Jim Talley who taught me about his habit of outlining the books he read. It not only helped him to remember what he read, but these outlines helped him to organize his thoughts as he prepared his own content for numerous seminars on various topics that he conducted regularly.

Dr. John Maxwell says that every day he reads, writes and files… every day. What is he doing? Organizing his thoughts, from his reading, for later retrieval as he prepares to write his next book.

Dave Kraft has been a professional coach for ten years and has coached  approximately 200 leaders within the US and Canada as well as in England, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico  and India. He is a lifelong learner and has saved me incredible hours by outlining great books, condensing the thoughts so that I can benefit from understanding the key concepts but also in deciding which books I want to purchase to get the full benefit.

Check out Dave Kraft’s incredible list by clicking here.

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