Five Faith Catalysts:

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There were two times in the Bible when Jesus was “amazed.”  Once by lack of faith, and the other by great faith. When Jesus said, “oh you of little faith,” it wasn’t a good thing.  BIG faith is what pleases God, and even a little faith, mustard seed sized faith can accomplish wonders as faith is what restores us to a right relationship with God.

Adam and Eve sinned by breaking faith with God, choosing to believe the lie that God really didn’t have their best interests in mind, and that they would be better off living independently from their Maker. What were they thinking? Better yet, what are WE thinking when we reject God’s will, concluding that we know better…? What was broken in the Garden of Eden through lack of trust, God is restoring through faith (Ephesians 2:8). Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Big faith in God, believing that God is worthy of our loyalty, trust and confidence, is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6) and leads to a fully surrendered life under Jesus’ Lordship, in His kingdom. King Jesus is reigning in Heaven today, and because of what He did on the cross, we have access to life in His kingdom, now and forever. Life in this kingdom is described as the “pearl of great price,” worthy of selling everything we own, to be allowed by God to participate. Living in God’s kingdom, serving Him, honoring Him and bringing Him glory is what we were created to do from eternity past and it is the only way to lasting peace. Oh happy day!

So growing a big faith is worthy of intense pursuit. Since big faith is so important to God, how can we be more intentional about growing big faith? Certainly God will take care of his part, but what is my part? So glad that you asked!!

There seem to be “Five Faith Catalysts” that God consistently uses to grow our faith, when we choose to trust Him. Certainly God is not limited to these five, but these do stand out as some of God’s favorite tools in growing our faith.

Practical Teaching

Application oriented, practical teaching leads people to experience a growing faith. Click here for an overview of what practical teaching is all about.

Check out this powerful sermon that provides Biblical reasons for exposing ourselves to practical, application oriented teaching.

Follow – Practical Teaching-HD from Stan Lubeck on Vimeo.

Private Disciplines

Overview of private disciplines.

Sermon on private disciplines.

Providential Relationships

Overview of responding to the providential relationships that God brings into our lives.

Click for a wonderful sermon on how God uses providential relationships to grow our faith.

Personal Ministry

Click here for an overview of how God grows our faith through personal ministry.

Click here watch a sermon on the priority of having a personal ministry.

Pivotal Circumstances

Overview of Pivotal Circumstances

Pivotal Circumstances Sermon

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