Lame Excuses

Our goal is to have at least 80% of our weekly worship service attendance connected to a small group. Currently we have 1647 people involved with 5-6,000 attending worship services, which comes to about 30%. 80% is doable, but it is going to take the coordinated efforts of a lot of people in our church to pull it off! Our first step is to overcome the many excuses for why we will not be successful hitting the 80% here in the Santa Clarita Valley. As long as we are making excuses, we are not making progress.

I found Carey Nieuwhof’s article below to be very enlightening. If you are leading your church on the path to a higher percentage involvement in small group discipleship, Carey’s insights are priceless…¬†Enjoy… Stan Lubeck

8 Lame Excuses Church Leaders Make

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