Fred Smith, “Leadership is both something you are and some thing you do. A mentor is not a person who can do the work better than his followers; he is a person who can get his followers to do the work better than he can.”

Leadership in its purest form is found in the church among volunteer teams. There is no leverage, other than the motivation to serve for the glory of God, the pleasure of Jesus. If a person is serving because they want to feel good about themselves, it won’t last. If a person is serving to “be” somebody, it won’t last. If a person is serving for personal credit, soon disillusionment will appear because someone didn’t say “thank you,” or someone changed the assignment.

Leadership in our culture is hard everywhere, because there are so many critics and armchair quarterbacks who undermine and challenge the leader. Type any strong leaders name on the Internet, and most likely you will get as many compliments as there are criticisms, no matter how great the leader. We live in a cynical culture.

Volunteer leadership in the church is not for the feint at heart. Ministry is a “want to” not a “have to” activity. This means that you can pour time and energy and resources into a leader and in a heartbeat that person can turn, fall into sin, or simply walk away. Jesus had that in Judas, yet Jesus still washed his feet.

We serve in leadership as an expression of worship of God. Then we hold ministry with an open hand, success or failure is not the focus, serving as unto Jesus and leaving the results to God is what makes for lasting commitment in ministry.

So why are you serving?

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