Rooted – Coming to Real Life Church in September 2016

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Rooted Intro Video – Caleb Anderson from Experience Rooted on Vimeo.

Rooted Experience

Rooted is a catalyst for life change. It provides the opportunity to connect with God, the church and your purpose in unexpected life-changing ways.

Think of Rooted as a personal journey of faith. A journey with the goal of deepening your connection with God, biblical community and your purpose in the epic story He is writing through human history.

Beyond a program, seminar or small group, Rooted is a ten-week spiritual growth experience. Rooted provides questions, conversations and challenging experiences designed to see more clearly how your story fits in God’s story.

Rooted is for the spiritually curious, the new attender, the longtime member—wherever you are in your faith journey with God. Why? Because the principles of Rooted facilitate fresh encounters with God, His Word and our purpose He has for us.

Rooted is launching September 11th, 2016.

Registration begins Thursday night, August 11th

We Offer Multiple Days/Times for Rooted

Here’s an overview of what to expect.

  • Each Rooted group will be led by a Rooted facilitator assigned to you based on the day/time you choose.
  • You will meet your group and leader at the Rooted Kick Off Event.

Cost: $50

This covers materials, leadership training for the facilitators and the remarkable celebration dinner.
Scholarships are available.
Childcare is also available through the registration link. We provide childcare only for those who register because of our commitment to safe “staff-to-child” ratios based on ages from infants to elementary school. Childcare will normally be ready 15 minutes prior/after Rooted meetings.

What to expect at the Rooted Celebration Dinner included in the cost:

Rooted Celebration – June 2015 from mariners church on Vimeo.

Stories Of Transformation:


Do I have to attend Real Life Church to join a Rooted group?

No. We hope that through Rooted everyone can experience freedom that leads to a life transformed by God, living as God designed, while releasing the love and compassion and grace of God to our needy culture.

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