Rooted Rally – September 11, 2016


14257704_10154639733546337_8659597698060643047_oSince the beginning of the year, we actively equipped 70 of our staff by taking them through an intense ten week Rooted Experience. Then we had two in-town retreats, where 285 of our Life Group Leaders devoted a Friday night and all day Saturday to being trained to lead Rooted groups. Finally we challenged our congregation to pay $50 each while committing to ten weeks in a group, five days a week of homework and three separate Rooted experiences, a three hour prayer experience, a team serving experience and a celebration dinner.

We raised the bar significantly in challenging people to follow Jesus. How did our people respond? Incredibly! Unbelievably!

img_0964On Sunday, September 11th, over 1,000 people showed up at 2 pm for our Rooted Launch (NFL Opening day) and another 185 showed up for our Tuesday night Rooted Rally. 508 people jumped into new “Rooted Groups,” and over 700 people committed who were already participating in our Life Groups.

We mobilized every leader that we prepared for this launch. A number of our groups have 18 people, and some of our leaders are facilitating two groups, but we connected every person who signed up.

Robin and I launched a Life Group into Rooted this last Wednesday, 12 in attendance, plus six children and a baby sitter in the other room. As we listened to each one share what they wanted to get out of Rooted and then about their “best day, worst day,” there was not a dry eye in the house. It was clear that God had brought us together and that God is doing something special in our group and in our church. I can’t wait to gather together at the end, for our celebration dinner when we give God the glory for what He did in the lives of 1200 people as they gathered in small groups to connect with God, with one another and with their Divine purpose. This is just the beginning!


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