Would you rather build guard rails at the top of the cliff or a hospital at the bottom?

Much of life is filled with those kinds of choices. Pay me now or pay me later. Change the oil on the car now, or change the engine later when it breaks down sooner. Invest now, reap later.

Preventative guardrails are good for roads, but they are also good for children, for finances and for health. Creating healthy margins will increase the likelihood of avoiding un-necessary heartbreak and injury.

Guardrails keep us from danger. Guardrails are built before they are needed. Guardrails are built in a safe area, in the margin, a distance from the danger. How many trips to the hospital could have been avoided if there was a healthy guardrail in place?

Are you taking un-necessary chances? Are you risking a crash by living on the edge?

I love Life Groups because they are like guardrails in life. How many boneheaded decisions could have been avoided by submitting them to a Life Group before acting?

With much counsel there is wisdom. Proverbs 11:14

Posted by sblubeck