Dawson Trotman, The Navigator

A few months after I was born, Dawson Trotman (The Navigator) died while rescuing a young lady from drowning in Schroon Lake New York. Years later, as a college student I read two biographies about Dawson that inspired me to memorize scripture ( I purchased his Topical Memory System and memorized hundreds of verses), to focus on discipling men and to help people grow in the faith. His legacy lives on today through the Navigator Ministry which continues to impact those who have a heart to see the Gospel reach every man woman and child on the planet.

He memorized a thousand verses in a thousand days. He was a man who inspired me to pray God-sized prayers…¬†From “The Navigator” by Robert Foster…

Dawson Trotman was the man who came alongside the Billy Graham Association to provide tools and resources and processes to help make sure that the new believers were provided with the best opportunity to grow in the faith and establish a solid spiritual foundation.





In Time Magazine, they eulogized Dawson Trotman with the caption, “Always Holding Someone Up.”

What a legacy! What would you want said on your tombstone?

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