Rust Out or Burn Out?

“I’d rather burn out than rust out!” Really? Either option means you are “out!” People who burn out are like dynamite, they make a lot of noise, stir up a lot of dust and they are over in a flash. Those who rust out, may live to be Methuselah, but who cares if they never accomplish anything but pay the bills while avoiding the clink.

The word used for energy in this passage is a word for “dynamo,” which is a never ending, unlimited source of power that comes from God. The Christian life is an impossible life to live by trying harder, working it out in our flesh. “The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” This is why so many burn out or rust out, they are not tapping into the right source of power, the never ceasing, always present power that comes from God for those who are “abiding in the vine.”

Are you burning out or rusting out? Try tapping into God’s source of strength and experience the “rivers of living water,” that will sustain you, even if you are giving Methuselah a run for his money.


Posted by sblubeck